Featured image of post US4 - 100 Days In America - New Discoveries Amidst Melancholy

US4 - 100 Days In America - New Discoveries Amidst Melancholy

I'm sick - homesick. This place is pretty bland. I ain't in the mood to blog, but lemme give a brief update on my current life in Arizona.


My oh my, it’s hotter than Da Nang and intensely dry. The arid climate takes a toll on my skin, but other than that, I find it quite enjoyable. Snacks keep their crunch without needing the chilly refuge of a fridge. As for the trees, the dust can’t stick to the leaves due to the dryness. That’s probably why they sport a lighter green hue compared to their darker counterparts in Vietnam.

Weather Weather Weather


US Food

The local cuisine is a bit on the greasy, salty side. US food US food US food US food US food US food US food

VN Food

However, fortune favored me with a colleague who’s a wizard in the kitchen. He cooks divinely and seems to love it. As for me, I’ve been assigned dish duty, which essentially translates to pushing buttons on the dishwasher.

VN food VN food VN food VN food VN food VN food VN food VN food

Sometimes, when lazy, it’s time to look for Asian restaurants to eat. oppa cooking


Of course, I didn’t come to America just for fun; I have a mission to accomplish. So, I have to go to the office to learn and work.

A corner of the company’s office:

The office isn’t exactly bustling with life. It seems like everyone became accustomed to working from home after the pandemic. Even some dogs come to the office more frequently than the staff.

A Quiet Office with Fun Doggo Moments:


Entertainment spots aren’t abundant in this area, and the scorching heat doesn’t exactly inspire outdoor ventures. Despite this, I’ve managed to find a few interesting locales.

Uber, Our Main Mode of Transport

Uber I once booked an Uber and to my surprise, a Tesla rolled up. I nearly choked on my gum!


Walmart Self-service has a new moniker: Walmart!

A Tour of Walmart


Walmart’s more or less a miniature city.

Strolling in Scottsdale Old Town

This is a delightful spot to wander, checking out stores, eateries, and art galleries. The place exudes a genuine western vibe.

Nighttime in Old Town Scottsdale

Old Town Scottsdale transforms into a neon playground at night. The streets are alive with people soaking up the vibrant atmosphere.

Scottsdale’s Bar Scene

The bars here are jumping with good tunes and chill vibes.

Pho Cao

This is a place where I can get some Vietnamese food when I miss home. They serve pho, which is a noodle soup with beef or chicken, among other dishes. They also have a bar inside the restaurant, which is unusual but cool.

Colleague’s house

colleague house This place reminds me somewhat of the Euro Village in Danang – quaint, compact houses all neatly lined up.

Hiking at Camelback Mountain

We made an attempt to climb Camelback Mountain, but before we started, a cop gave us a firm reminder about knowing our limits. It really wasn’t easy, so we waved the white flag halfway up. That was a smart choice.


Axe Throwing

Think of it as bowling, but with a slight risk of decapitation. It’s a blast, honestly!

Phoenix Zoo

phoenix zoo This zoo is so boring – yeah, I shouldn’t have expected too much when visiting a zoo in the middle of the desert. Fake animal Fake animal They even put plush toys in the zoo – yeah, the weather is too hot for leopards, lions, and other animals to stay, so plush toys might be a great idea for the zoo. 🀷🏻

The only cute thing I saw here was the lonely otter:

This otter was swimming and playing by itself in a small pool. It looked so adorable and happy. I wanted to hug it and take it home with me. zoo zoo

Farewell (For Now)

So, that’s been my whirlwind adventure in Arizona. I’m still in the process of adapting and learning. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t yearning for home. I’m literally marking off the days on the calendar until I can return to my beloved Danang. Thanks for this experience; it has made me realize how amazing my current life in the beach city is. But I believe I’ll get used to this new life soon.

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