Featured image of post SG1 - Singapore - 4 Days 3 Nights 🇸🇬

SG1 - Singapore - 4 Days 3 Nights 🇸🇬

Detailing our first trip abroad, from the initial preparations to the last day. Our choice was the vibrant city-state of Singapore

2023 has proven to be a lucky year for me. While I initially thought I had reached my travel limit for the year, it turns out that’s not the case for my dear baby sugar. She’s ecstatic about her awesome sugar daddy returning from the US, not just for a warm hug, but because she knows her wanderlust is about to come true. However, our choice isn’t the typical Thailand route; I prefer to be a trendsetter rather than a crowd follower. Hence, Singapore is the best option for our next adventure




Comfortable sneakers are indeed crucial. Although Singapore’s MRT system is very condensed (only a 5-10 minute walk to the MRT from anywhere), you’ll still be walking a lot. A pair of sneakers with good inner lining near the heel will prevent hurting your feet. That’s why Adidas is better than Converse for this trip.

Booking flights

There is only one non-stop flight, operated by VietJet Air, from Danang to Singapore, so booking that one makes sense. Additionally, it’s a good tip to purchase the tickets 2-3 weeks before the expected departure day as this often results in a significantly cheaper price.

Booking the hotel

Booking hotels early, akin to flights, is a strategic approach for saving money. Staying in the city center, such as Chinatown, is a wise choice. It not only provides convenient access to attractions but also immerses you in the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

3G SIM cards

I bought SIM cards on Shopee, activated them after arriving in Singapore, and enabled roaming.


Tourist attraction tickets

We can purchase tickets on the attraction’s official website, but I prefer to buy them on Klook to pay in VND and avoid conversion fees. Our choices include:

  • Gardens By The Bay: This area has numerous small attractions, making it challenging to decide which ones to visit. Ultimately, we opted for the Cloud Forest & Flower Dome.

  • S.E.A. Aquarium: Among the world’s largest aquariums, it showcases various marine life such as dolphins, sharks, rays, etc.


If you visit Hawker centers, most food stalls only accept cash (about $10 per person). Otherwise, no need for Singapore dollars. We are digital travelers; we didn’t bring any cash to Singapore, and it was fine.

People talk a lot about ezlink cards when visiting Singapore, but you can use a debit/credit card instead for at least 2 people! One person taps with the debit card like an ezlink card. The other can use Apple Pay linked to the same debit card. It may cost slightly more due to currency conversion fees, but it’s a small amount.



With SimplyGo, I can track all my MRT itineraries and their receipts.

Google Maps

Google Maps is always an excellent tour guide for every trip; I don’t need the MRT map. But while I’m underground, I don’t trust Google Maps too much; it may be a bit delayed in updating my current location. So, I trust myself in some situations instead.


Within 3 days before the departure day to Singapore, I downloaded the MyICA and submitted the form. We declared as a group, not individually, for a higher chance of approval. Remember to capture your barcode after submitting and share it with your partners, as custom officers will ask for it.


Wanderlog is a must-have app for every travel plan. Here are our plans for the trip.


That’s all for preparation; we packed two backpacks and one small girl bag, then moved the ass out to start the travel.

Immigration Procedures

If you have the new type of passport (blue color), don’t waste time queuing up in the automated gate; the automated passport scan machine will reject it.

Error Message: “Proceed to manual counter. No SGAC/Wrongly. Submitted SGAC”

You should line up directly to the manual gate instead!


We arrived at Terminal 4 after security checking. To visit Jewel (HSBC Rain Vortex), take the free bus to Terminal 1, 2 or 3. You can also take the Sky Train.

Jewel Changi

After capturing numerous moments at Jewel, my old senpai Mr. Vi who works in Singapore met us. He graciously guided us through Jewel and treated us to a delightful meal at the Michelin-starred Song Fa Bak Kut Teh. Our order included their famous pork ribs soup and side dishes like fried chicken with garlic, braised fried beancurd, pork liver, and braised eggs. The homestyle flavors were familiar and tasty.

Singapore Food Singapore Food

Seeing me always stay on the right side when stepping on the escalators, he shared some Singaporean cultural norms, like always staying on the left side, reserving the right side for rushing people who need to move.

He asked me how much money I brought, and he was shocked after knowing that I didn’t have any cash in hand. Then he gave away all the money in his pocket for me (so touching). After that, he led us to our hotel. Damn, a good old colleague.

Situated on South Bridge Street, our hotel, a charming 4-story building with a pub downstairs, welcomed us on our first day in Singapore. Our modest 2nd-floor room, though small, was equipped with all the essentials, including a spacious bathroom. From the window, we could catch glimpses of the lively street below. The instant coffee provided was surprisingly delightful, adding a cozy touch to our stay.


With the comfort of our accommodations, our first day in Singapore came to a satisfying close.

Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park

The next day, fueled by a mediocre breakfast in a random coffee shop, we ventured to Fort Canning Park. Regrettably, the renowned Fort Canning Tunnel was closed for maintenance. Nonetheless, the journey from Chinatown proved enjoyable, with a leisurely stroll along clean, picturesque streets. The walk unveiled many interesting plants, adding an unexpected charm to the excursion.

Fort Canning Park Fort Canning Park



Much like Fort Canning Park, our plans to visit Merlion Park were thwarted by ongoing construction. Disappointed by the closure and finding the iconic Merlion statue not as beautiful as expected, we pivoted our focus to capturing moments with Marina Bay Sands as a backdrop.


Heading back, we tried refreshing orange juice from a vending machine, easily found around the city. A simple yet delightful way to round off our morning of exploration.

Hawker Food Center

For an affordable and delectable dining experience, we made our way to Maxwell Hawker Center. Our choice was Tian Tian’s renowned chicken rice, cooked in flavorful chicken broth - soft, aromatic, and with chicken meat that was both flavorful and exceptionally tender.

It’s worth noting that this place operated on a cash-only basis. Fortunately, having Mr. Vi’s money on hand provided a convenient solution.

Singapore Food Singapore Food

Following our meal, we sought a refreshing drink and stumbled upon a stall opposite, offering fresh juice and milk. Opting for a simple yet perfect choice, we purchased soybean milk with grass jelly - ideal for quenching our thirst.

With the morning’s exertions taking a toll, we took a well-deserved nap, recharging before our next destination.

Cloud Forest & Flower Dome

This duo is strategically placed side by side and stands out, much like a women’s bra, making them two must-visit places conveniently.

Our attention was riveted by one of the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls, enveloped by a diverse array of plants. The cool air inside the dome, accompanied by the soothing sound of the waterfall, crafted an immersive experience that awakened all our senses and revitalized our weary bodies. This enchanting spectacle is truly a sight and sensation not to be missed.

Cloud Forest + Flower Dome

As we ascended through the total of 7 floors, each level unveiled cool scenes and fascinating plants corresponding to its unique theme. The sensation was akin to strolling through a captivating tropical jungle, with everything appearing spectacular and truly fascinating. The wonders of Gardens by the Bay continued to unfold at every turn.

Cloud Forest

Upon concluding our exploration of Cloud Forest, we ventured into the expansive realm of Flower Dome. Comparable in size to the Cloud Forest, this glass greenhouse maintained a comfortable temperature of 23-25°C. The flora within this lush haven was simply astonishing.

As we strolled through, we marveled at an array of typical plants native to diverse regions worldwide. Brilliantly blooming flowers adorned the landscape in countless colors, while plants with unique shapes proudly displayed their charming looks.

Exhausted from our Cloud Forest journey, I opted to rest on a wooden bench, allowing Khanhu to explore the remaining wonders on her own. Later, she shared numerous pictures of the diverse plant species, showcasing the beauty of Flower Dome. While impressive, I personally found the Cloud Forest to be even more captivating.

Flower Dome

Lau Pa Sat

After our visit to Gardens by the Bay, we treated ourselves to a meal at the Lau Pa Sat food center - a more spacious and cleaner option compared to the Hawker, with the added convenience of accepting credit card payments! I opted for a delightful rice dish featuring fish and fried chicken, while my bae indulged in her favorite, a spicy beef ramen (she has a fondness for noodles). Our meal was accompanied by a relaxing tea session.

Singapore Food

Upon returning home around 6 pm, we decided to explore the vicinity of our hotel. At Liho, we relished a delightful clash of flavors with avocado coconut and classic milk tea with boba. To conclude the evening, we browsed the night market for souvenirs before heading back by 9:30 pm. An enriching blend of culinary delights and exploration marked the end of another delightful day in Singapore.

Singapore Food Singapore Food

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

For breakfast the next day, we opted for a traditional meal at Ya Kun Kaya Toast. The cornerstone of this meal is the toasted sandwich with soft-boiled eggs. I ordered the most traditional set-a sandwich spread with Kaya jam, a slice of butter inside, and a cup of hot tea. In contrast, Khanhu chose the peanut butter variation, where her sandwich was solely adorned with peanut butter, accompanied by a cup of iced Kopi (Malaysian coffee). While the food was decent, it was especially fitting for a morning repast.

Singapore Food

My bae thoroughly enjoyed the hot tea, emphasizing its unique blend with special milk, resulting in a sweet, fatty taste, fragrant aroma, and a rich tea flavor. My taste buds may not be sensitive, so I suspect her passion for food contributes to her heightened appreciation.

Sentosa Island

SEA Aquarium

Upon our move to Sentosa Island, we noted a unique aspect of the MRT journey. Unlike the usual underground platforms, we had to ascend to the upper floor of the building to access the terminal. This was due to the fact that the platform was elevated in the air, not on the ground.

Sentosa Island boasted a plethora of activities, and we decided to explore the SEA Aquarium - an indoor choice, which proved wise given the scorching weather outside. Inside the aquarium, we marveled at a diverse array of sea creatures. From familiar species like jellyfish and rays to more elusive ones, including various sharks and species whose existence we were unaware of. Some displayed peculiar or even intimidating appearances, creating a fascinating and at times, eerie, underwater spectacle.

SEA Aquarium SEA Aquarium

Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

Immersed in splendid gold-like hues and bright lights, this luxurious enclave was a world adorned with all the renowned fashion brands - a testament to opulence.

Unexpectedly, the Apple Store became a highlight. Far from an ordinary one, it stands out as one of the most beautiful Apple Stores globally - a glass sphere house gracefully nestled in the middle of a lake. Our encounter with Mr. Vi here led to further exploration, with him guiding us to the Casino.

Before entering the casino, a straightforward security check awaited, requiring a passport and the MyICA email, which was received after passing the security check to enter Singapore.


Post-Casino, he continued to guide us to various places, but fatigue set in for my bae, prompting us to bid him farewell and return to the hotel. An evening filled with luxury, surprises, and a touch of exhaustion marked this leg of our Singapore adventure.

Changi Airport

On our final day, we bid farewell to Singapore. Opting for convenience, we chose a taxi through the Grab app instead of the MRT for our journey to the airport - a suggestion from Mr. Vi based on his experience. It turned out to be an incredibly helpful recommendation.

That concludes our trip in Singapore! 🌍✈️

Singapore Streets

Singapore Streets
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